The process of subdividing your property involves the owner applying for a permit to subdivide the land to a relevant municipal council. Once the subdivision permit is issued, it will contain conditions which the owner has to comply with. The usual conditions are that the owner has to pay some endowment fees to the local planning authority or set aside land in lieu of such payment. The local planning authority will issue you with an Endowment certificate

If conditions stipulated in the permit to subdivide are met, the local planning authority will issue a certificate of compliance. 

Once this is done, you can then approach your lawyer with the following documents for your lawyer to register subdivision transfer:
  1. Diagram Deed for the whole stand
  2. Current Deed (if this is not the diagram deed)
  3. Approved survey diagram in duplicate
  4. Subdivision permit
  5. Endowment Certificate
  6. Compliance Certificate
Dr Innocent Maja